PJSC FGC UES – Main Power Networks of the North-West
2018 - 2022

Project goals:

Construction of a 330 kV OHTL Petrozavodsk — Tikhvin-Liteiny with the connection of the new line to the 330 kV switchgear of the 330 kV Petrozavodsk substation and the 330 kV Tikhvin-Liteiny substation. The second 330 kV transmission line between the power systems of the Republic of Karelia and St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region at the Petrozavodsk — Tikhvin-Liteiny section should:

• provide the output of power from the Kola NPP;
• improve the reliability of power supply to consumers in the Republic of Karelia and the Leningrad Region;
• increase the throughput capacity of electricity transmission from the power system of the Murmansk region to the power system of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.


Solution and implementation:

The noticeable features of the project:
• A 330 kV overhead transmission line passes through two regions of the Russian Federation.
• A special crossing over 800 meters long was built across the river Svir.
• Application of compacted wires.
• Length over 300 km.

Result achieved:

ETS-Project completed the full range of engineering surveys, developed design and detailed documentation, obtained the State Expertise approval. In order to legalize land relations for the period of construction and operation of the facility a public easement was established. The object was built and put into operation.