Design of power transmission lines

ETS-Project develops project and detail engineering documentation for cable and overhead power lines within the range of 35 — 750 kV. We can also design fiber-optic communication lines along overhead lines.


The set of the tasks the company can successfully solve is listed below:

  • Designing 10-750 kV overhead power lines;
  • Arrangement of supports according to a construction plan;
  • Calculation of supports and foundations;
  • Mechanical calculation of wires and ropes;
  • Calculation of fittings and insulators;
  • Calculation of grounding devices for HV supports;
  • Calculation of transition points in engineering communications;
  • Development of various types of foundations for various types of soils;
  • Development of designs of insulator sets and cable fastenings;
  • Calculation of wire and cable sags;
  • Calculation of areas to be cleared from vegetation (trees, bushes, etc.) before installing overhead transmission line supports;
  • Designing large 110 — 500 kV overhead power lines over water sources with lengths exceeding 1000 m;
  • Calculation of supports and foundations;
  • Mechanical calculation of wires and cables for transition points;
  • Calculation of fittings and insulators;
  • Development of warning lights for supports of long overhead line crossings;

Designing 10-330 kV cable lines:

  • Calculation of transmission capacity for 10-330 kV cable lines;
  • Development of various methods of laying cable lines (in the ground, on the overpass, by deep directional drilling, laying cables in llectors and cable tunnels/collectors);
  • Calculation of stresses in cable lines;
  • Development of constructions for laying cable lines;
  • Development of points where cable lines meet air lines;
  • Designing fiber-optic communication lines;
  • Suspension of fiber optic communication line on overhead line towers;
  • Calculation of thermal resistance of optical cable in overhead ground wire;
  • Calculation of tensions on the surface of self-carrying optical cable;
  • Calculation of supports for fiber optic lines suspension;
  • Calculation of sags which might appear along fiber-optic communication lines;
  • Obtaining approval from supervisory bodies.

Experience in designing power transmission lines:

  • 500 kV Zagorskaya storage power station — Yartsevo overhead power transmission line with reconstruction of 500 kV Yartsevo substation;
  • Large 220 kV Pechora Hydro electric station – Ukhta — Mikun overhead power transmission line crossing the Pechora River;
  • 500 kV Pomary-Udmurtskaya overhead line;
  • 500 kV Beloyarsk NPP-2 – Yset overhead line;
  • 330 Kv L-374 Baltic hydrostation – Leningradskaya substation;
  • Zharki 220kV substation with 220kV overhead lines and reconstruction of 220kV Novokrasnoyarskaya substation with subsequent renaming 220kV Novokrasnoyarskaya substation into 220kV Zharki substation;
  • Construction of 330 kV Murmanskaya substation with 330 kV incoming overhead lines;
  • Reconstruction of 220 kV Saratovskaya HPP-Kubra overhead line;
  • Incoming power transmission lines to 220 kV Diesel substation;
  • Petrozavodsk-Tikhvin Liteyniy 330 kV overhead power transmission line;
  • Development and approval of the planning project, project of land survey for 500 Kv Voskhod-Vityaz overhead transmission line.





JSC Matrosov mine expresses its gratitude to the management and employees of ETS-Project for their professionalism, efficiency and a responsible attitude while completing the project 220 kV Ust-Omchug — Omchak Novaya power transmission lines with a 220 kV switchgear and a 220 kV Omchak Novaya substation and other projects implemented by Polyus group of companies.

ETS-Project developed recommendations to optimize technical solutions and costs for successful implementation of the project in accordance with the agreement on state subsidy No. 01-32/2016 dated 13.09.2016 between the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the development of the Far East and the investor of the investment project «Construction of a mining and processing enterprise on the basis of the Natalka gold deposit».

The company has adjusted both project documentation and the results of engineering surveys to obtain official approval from the state expertise body and developed detail engineering documentation.

The company has proven itself as a reliable partner fulfilling its obligations on time to meet the highest quality standards while taking into account its customer’s interests.

We wish you further success and hope to collaborate with you in the future.

Project manager T.S. Koroleva



Branch of JSC «Engineering center – United energy system» — «Institute Energomontazhproekt».

We would like to express our gratitude to ETS-Project for completing the project Two-circuit 220 kV Tataurovo-Goryachinskaya-Barguzin overhead line with 220 kV Goryachinskaya substation, 220 kV Barguzin substation and reconstruction of 220 kV outdoor switchgear at Tataurovo substation.

The company implemented state-of-the-art solutions to make sure the project is completed on time with the proper quality.

We would like to recommend ETS-Project as a reliable and responsible partner which performs its duties in accordance with high professional standards.


Technical Director A.I. Semenov