Information and analytical services

Planning development of energy systems

Development of energy saving and energy efficiency programs

Development of fuel and energy balances of energy systems

Providing information and analytical services in energy sector

Technological and price audits

Assessment of necessity and sufficiency of both investment projects and technological and design solutions to achieve targets and required quantitative indicators of investment programs

Making sure price and value indicators of investment projects meet legal requirements of the Russian Federation

Development of suggestions on amendments to be introduced into investment programs by adjusting the list of investment projects

Energy investment planning

Development of feasibility study and efficiency assessment of investments in energy facilities

Development of business plans for energy investment projects

Development of models of implementation of energy investment projects in terms of organizational, contractual, technological and financial aspects

Benchmarking in energy sector

Analysis and adaptation of best practices by improving efficiency in energy sector

Comparative analysis of energy companies’ activities and performance of energy systems

Development of benchmarking methods for energy companies


Experience in performing analytical work

  • Analysis of performance and prospects of fuel and energy sector development in Moscow
  • Development of preliminary feasibility study for the project to construct heat-electric generating station in Chaun-Bilibino energy node
  • Analysis of benchmarking methods employed by leading Russian and foreign energy companies to improve efficiency of their energy facilities
  • Assessment of investment attractiveness and analysis of the investment project for constructing a gas engine generator plant in Starominsky District, Krasnodar Region
  • Development of a trade model for Tereshkovo gas turbine power plant
  • Benchmarking of operational efficiency of PJSC «United energy systems of Russia – federal grid company» structural units
  • Development of recommendations to update energy saving and energy efficiency program of PJSC RusHydro
  • Conducting a technological and price audit of the adjustment project of PJSC “Moscow electric grids” long-term investment program for the period of 2018-2022 and reports on the implementation of the investment program