Designing electric substations

ETS-Project designs substations with the highest voltage level of 35-750 kV. Unique competences and diverse skills of our specialists allow us to complete tasks of any complexity in the area of electrical engineering which in particular include:

  1. Electrotechnical solutions
    1. designing 0.4-500 kV switchgear
    2. installation of 10-500 kV (auto) transformers, current limiting coils, compensating devices, house transformers, etc.
    3. organization of an alternating current system to meet customers’ own needs;
    4. organization of an operative direct current system;
    5. designing lightning protection and grounding;
  2. Construction and volumetric-planning decisions;
    1. designing main and auxiliary buildings (general control unit, indoor switchgear, pump house, building for a current limiting reactor, gatehouse, etc.);
    2. designing facilities for laying down cables (canals, ground trays, flyovers, etc.);
    3. other facilities (lightning dischargers, floodlight masts/pillars, fences, viewing platforms, etc.).
  3. Architectural solutions;
  4. Relay protection and automation;
  5. Automated systems to manage technological processes;
  6. Systems of information collection and transfer, communication channels of all kinds, including RF with a choice of frequencies;
  7. Water supply, sewage system;
  8. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning;
  9. Organizational and technical solutions for communication systems;
  10. Land planning;
  11. Development of estimates, construction and dismantling projects.


We develop documentation for any stage of a design process: design estimates, detail engineering and as-built. Our experts provide author’s supervision over construction works.


Our experience in designing substations and switchgear:

A full list of projects completed by our employees is available on request. Among the largest are:

  • 500 kV «Yenisei» substation with 500 kV/220 kV overhead power lines;
  • 500 kV Zagorskaya storage power station — Yartsevo overhead power transmission line with reconstruction of 500 kV Yartsevo substation;
  • Development of design documentation for reconstruction of 330 kV outdoor switchgear at Leningrad NPP. Construction of 330 kV metal-enclosed gas-insulated switchgear;
  • Development of project documentation for the main electric substation GPP-5;
  • Main step-down substation No. 4 of catalytic cracking facilities, 110 kV;
  • Yset 500kV substation with 220, 500kV incoming overhead lines;
  • Support center for data processing and storage, JSC Rosenergoatom;
  • Kursk nuclear power plant. External power supply to Kursk NPP-2 construction site. A 330/10 kV substation;
  • Building a staff training center at a branch of “Federal grid company of united energy system of Russia”, Siberia.
  • Reconstruction of 220kV outdoor switchgear at 220kV Novokrasnoyarskaya substation: two linear cells («Electrical grids of Enisey ferroalloys plant”, .)
  • Zharki 220kV substation with 220kV overhead lines and reconstruction of 220kV Novokrasnoyarskaya substation with subsequent renaming 220kV Novokrasnoyarskaya substation into 220kV Zharki substation.
  • The program of replacing 110-220 kV oil circuit breakers, disconnect switches and short circuiters at facilities of JSC “Federal grid company – United energy system” as part of the program “The program of replacing 330-750 kV air circuit breakers at facilities of Federal grid company – United energy system”.
  • Construction of 330kV Murmanskaya substation with 330kV incoming overhead lines.
  • Development of detail design documentation, replacement of relay protection devices of 6kv sections, 0,4kV standard supply, diesel generator for protection and alarm devices, general electrical circuits, schemes of launch, load connection, automatic switching-in of reserve supply and equipment, Unit №2. № 41030056 (Kursk NPP)
  • Development of detail design documentation for relay protection systems and anticrash systems, Novokuibyshevsk thermal power station while installing 200 mW gas turbine power plant.
  • Polus zoloto.





Tecnicas Reunidas expresses gratitude to ETS-Project for the design and survey works which were professionally completed as part of the project ”Hydrocracking facility for heavy oil residues, LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez». The company also demonstrated responsible attitude to fulfilling its contractual obligations. «ETS-Project» has proven itself as a reliable partner with highly qualified personnel who are capable of developing solutions under tight deadlines.

We would like to continue our cooperation in the future.

Technical Project Manager German Domingo




Based on the results of design work of Kursk NPP — 2. Preparatory period. External power supply to Kursk NPP-2 construction site. Completing a set of engineering surveys. Development of project and detail engineering documentation «Substation-330/10 kV». ETS — Project has proved itself to be a reliable and responsible partner, fulfilling its obligations in accordance with high professional standards and taking into account the customer’s interests.

Head of Nizhny Novgorod Design Institute I.V. Bronnikov