Engineering studies and mapping

Our specialists have necessary skills to conduct engineering surveys in the hardest climates. As a result of our dedication and passionate work, the customer receives complete information which will greatly facilitate choosing the right constructions and foundations and by doing so will make it possible to save costs both at the construction and performance stages.

We offer a complete range of engineering research and mapping works:

  • geodetic surveys
  • geological research
  • hydrometeorological and engineering surveys
  • environmental engineering research
  • geotechnical research
  • survey of soils under buildings and constructions
  • remote sensing of the Earth for geodetic and cartographic purposes
  • creation and maintenance of federal and regional geographic information systems
  • design, development and publication of general geographic, political-administrative, scientific and other types of maps and atlases of interdisciplinary nature, training cartographic manuals
  • Statistic testing of soils with natural piles



  • Performing engineering surveys and examinations of supports and portals as part of «Development of project documentation for reconstruction of 4-5T, 8-9T, 10T overhead power lines at Volga hydroelectric station».